wtorek, 23 września 2014

New free on-line course from University of Tartu!

New free course form University of Tartu: "P2AV.TK.680 Digital Image Processing" (29.09.2014 - 09.11.2014) https://sisu.ut.ee/imageprocessing/avaleht

From introduction:
"During each lecture several examples will be reviewed and by the end of each lecture you may download the MATLAB code provided in this website in order to run the examples by your own. Feel free to modify the codes. Also complementary materials and extra reading have been provided. It is strongly recommended to read them as they will keep your knowledge up-to-date. We will try to update these materials frequently."

I really recommend courses from University of Tartu, I have done one this year, was very good and I got diploma posted.

Registration: https://www.is.ut.ee/pls/ois/!tere.tulemast?kood=P2AV.TK.680&id_eelm_kontaktisik=56766&leht=OK.AY.VP&id_ay_programm=43933&id_ay_toimumine=55116&kordi_pealehel=4&systeemi_seaded=2,2,12,1,&viida%20kaudu=1&sessioon=0 

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