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LC-MS Method Validation - darmowy kurs on-line!

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LC-MS Method Validation

52 academic hours (52 hours independent learning), 2 ECTS

Target group
Learning outcomesThe participant who has successfully passed the course knows:
* the main performance parameters of analytical methods, what they show and which of them are particularly important in different situations;
* the main mathematical concepts and tools in method validation;
* the main approaches for evaluation of the performance parameters in the case of LC/MS analysis.
The participant who has successfully passed the course is able to:
* decide what data are needed for evaluating the different method performance parameters, understand the meaning of the available data and decide whether the available data are sufficient;
* select the approach and design the experiments for obtaining suitable data;
* quantify the relevant performance parameters using the available data and assess whether the obtained values are realistic;
* assess the fitness of the method for the intended purpose based on the values of the evaluated performance parameters.
Subject matterTopicVolume in hoursLecturers
Practice-oriented on-line course on validation of analytical methods, specifically using LC-MS as technique.
The course covered the following topics:
• The concept, workflow and scope of validation;
• Selectivity and identity confirmation, both via LC and via MS;
• Linearity of signal, linear range, sensitivity and their relation to calibration;
• Precision, trueness, accuracy, analyte stability and their interrelations;
• Limit of detection and limit of quantitation;
• Ruggedness and robustness.
52Ivo Leito, Koit Herodes, Karin Kipper, Riin Rebane, Anneli Kruve, Hanno Evard, Maarja-Liisa Oldekop


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